Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to create New Movement Type

Inventory Management - New Movement Type

Transaction – OMJJ

Menu path – SPRO>Material Management> Inventory Management > Movement types > Copy, Change Movement types

SAP Configuration Steps

  • Select a standard movement type which is very close to the requirement.
  • Select the standard movement type and click on Copy
  • Enter the new movement type to which it is to be copied. The new movement type should either be in 9** form or Z** form.
  • Click on “Copy All” when a pop up window appears which says “the entry to be copied has dependant entries”.
  • Update the entries in the “Details” screen and then maintain all the different views for a new movement type.
  • Short texts – here you can maintain transaction short text for different languages.
  • Allowed transactions – a list of transactions can be maintained which are allowed to post this movement type.
  • Help texts – this text will be visible to the user when he presses F1 for help. It can be maintained in different languages.
  • Field Selection – Over here required and optional entry fields can be maintained. The fields are grouped into logical groups like Account Assignment, Material Management etc. Based on the group, a desired field can be selected. This field can then be suppressed, made a required entry or an optional entry based on the radio button selection.
  • Update Control – This is applicable is Warehouse Management is active. The settings in this tab provide the reference movement type for Warehouse Management.
  • Account Grouping – In this screen you can maintain the account modification keys. The account modification key is to differentiate account determination for the goods movement. The values of this key are SAP predefined and cannot be changed.
  • Reversal / follow on movement – Over here you can maintain the movement type for reversal movement. By Indicator type of posting in this screen, the system decides whether the quantity adopted from the reference document (which is getting reversed based on this movement type) may be changed or not.
  • Reason for movement – Over here you can define which reasons are allowed while posting the mentioned movement type. This field is usually used to differentiate the different scenarios (for reporting purpose) in which the said movement type can be used. The movement type configuration for Field Selection can be used to determine if this is a mandatory or an optional field while posting the document.
  • Deactivate QM inspection – By this setting you can configure the instances when this movement type is used and Quality Management is not active. As a result no inspection lots will be created for an inspection process.
  • LIS statistics group – Over here different statistic groups can be maintained for different possibilities of this movement type.

Movement Type – Interface between WM and IM module


  • Idenfify the relevant warehouse management movement type which is to be linked with the given Inventory Management movement type. If an appropriate Warehouse Management movement type does not exist, you will have to create one.
  • Maintain the link between the Inventory Management Movement type and Warehouse Management movement type.

Menu Path:
SPRO> Logistics Execution> Warehouse Management> Interfaces> Inventory Management> Define movement types
Select “Assign WM Movement Type References to IM Movement Types”

In this screen on the left all IM movement types are populated. For all these movement types a reference WM movement type is entered under column “Reference Movement type WM”. If a new IM movement type was created copying a standard movement type, the reference WM movement type will also get copied accordingly. In some cases it would be required then to change this reference movement type with some other movement type.

Note: this setting is required if warehouse management is active.


Basomis said...

I currently facing the issue, when doing GR for PO, I get the error Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry Z01 X X W B _ V).
It's been a new customizing made by customer, and not completed till this point.
I have found out that this entry above is missing in control tables of movement type (TC OMJJ).
Your post was most relevant to the issue that I could google :) Just I really do not understand how can I maintain that single entry Z01 X X W B _ V into existing control tables.
I tried to do like: copy Z01 to Z01, but new entries button is still inactive.
Could you comment how to proceed? I'm SD side consultant, so it makes me difficult to find any logic in here.


Birdmaru said...

I just create customized movement type 990 in system. Your steps are very useful. I got useful information in this link as well..

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